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Raben BEXity special transport logistics for AluKönigStahl


The family-owned company AluKönigStahl is a specialist in aluminium, steel and plastic systems which operates throughout Europe. The logistics of the extra-long metal profiles and processing machines require special transports that have to be handled just-in-time. The company has relied on Raben BEXity as its partner for demanding logistics for more than 15 years.

AluKönigStahl is active in 19 countries across Europe, employs around 1,000 people and most recently achieved a total group turnover of around 500 million euros. For more than 60 years, the company has maintained an exclusive alliance with two of the world's leading system manufacturers - Schüco aluminium and plastic systems and Jansen, a specialist in steel profile systems. Trading in profile bars up to seven meters long and the associated processing machines poses particular challenges for logistics. The goods cannot be transported on conventional Euro pallets but have to be transported on special long goods pallets.

"These special transports are not only more complex than standard groupage freight, but often have to arrive just-in-time. This requires a high level of precision and reliability throughout the entire process," explains Igor Petkovic, Logistics Manager at AluKönigStahl.

A job for professionals

Special transports are regularly on the agenda at AluKönigStahl.

"We receive aluminium profiles and steel fittings from our suppliers on a daily basis," reports Petkovic.

The extra-long metal profiles are transported on six-meter-long pallets, which are loaded onto trucks by crane.

"But we also have profiles up to seven meters long in our range. We also sell CNC milling machines from Schüco, which are also extra long and have to be transported on special trucks. These special transports are not only time-consuming and subject to approval, but also require a lot of experience in terms of correct loading and safe handling," says the logistics manager.

As a partner for these challenging tasks, Raben BEXity has been supporting AluKönigStahl for many years.

"The logistics specialist works like an in-house freight forwarder, covering the entire range of our requirements from groupage freight to time-critical special transports," says Petkovic.

Reliable & punctual

Raben BEXity handles around 4,000 shipments a year for AluKönigStahl, a large proportion of which require special transports to and from Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo and Hungary. AluKönigStahl's warehouse in Wiener Neudorf handles no less than nine million tons of goods every year. At present, the majority of transports are carried out by truck, whereby a maximum of 18 long goods pallets can be transported by semi-trailer. In the future, special transports are also to be increasingly handled by rail.

"Sustainability is an important issue for our company. Our aim is to gradually shift logistics from road to rail wherever possible. Raben BEXity supports us here with its modern truck fleet and rail capacities throughout Europe. Unfortunately, due to the oversized dimensions, it is very time-consuming and difficult to handle special transports by rail alone," explains Petkovic.

Precisely traceable

Raben BEXity handles the entire logistics process for AluKönigStahl from its logistics locations in Leonding and Vienna-Inzersdorf. The regular challenges include not only special transports, but also the increasing cost and time pressure that the entire industry is struggling with.

"It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find drivers for the demanding tasks," says Petkovic.

Nevertheless, Raben BEXity delivers with a high degree of reliability and flexibility, for example for short-term orders. One of the secrets of this success is a modern software tool that the logistics specialist uses together with AluKönigStahl. In the portal, the entire order management and processing as well as tracking and other relevant information can be called up and tracked in real time. This not only helps to save time, but also makes the entire process transparent.

More than just forwarding

AluKönigStahl particularly appreciates the long-standing cooperation with Raben BEXity.

"The biggest advantage is certainly the very close and cooperative relationship. As a result, the day-to-day cooperation is well-rehearsed and works on a very natural level. Raben BEXity is characterized in particular by its high level of commitment and flexible workflow," says Petkovic.

The logistics specialist also manages the special challenges of special transports. In addition to the complex loading and unloading by crane, Raben BEXity also takes on tasks such as transport escort, customs clearance at the border and, of course, punctual delivery.

"For us, just-in-time means that the unloading of a CNC machine, for example, must be precisely coordinated with the fitters on site to avoid expensive downtimes. Years of experience and constant contact with Raben BEXity are the recipe for success that characterizes our cooperation," summarizes Petkovic.


Johannes Gruber

Marketing specialist Raben BEXity